New Logo for LUGOR

I am in the midst of trying to design a new logo for my LUG. Here are the first two attempts.

I would love to get feedback about these and even links to LUG logos that people like.

Back to design mode.

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7 Responses to New Logo for LUGOR

  1. Tchalvak says:

    Hey, the L and circle are pixel-ated for me. I suggest trying to create the images as vectors. The Inkscape Vector art program might help with that.

  2. Peter Cannon says:

    I like the 1st one with the rings, not a big fan of Lug Logo’s that include Tux dunno why?

  3. Francis Alp says:

    Do the second one with a normal penguin.

    Try t!

  4. I agree the L and circle are a bit pixelated, but I love the look of them. I especially love the second one😀

  5. Carl Helmers says:

    Charles, I agree with the first comment from Francis, but I like the third logo better with a normal Tux image rather than the one you found…

    Now back to figuring out how to turn my new HP Pavilion d6280t Quad Core X86 into a dual boot with Fedora for my next Linux machine [Restrict the W7 partitions to minimal, maybe 50-100G out of 620 on my new machine’s hard disk…] Per WWW research so far, looks like I will have to figure out how to pull a W7 boot DVD rescue style image off the W7 as delivered before divying up new partitions… [Have not done this kind of fooling around in a decade or so…] …Carl Helmers 12/20/2009@~14:00

  6. Dd says:

    I play with Inkscape and I think about your logo :

    (source :

    (under CC By ?)

  7. Do the second one with a normal penguin.

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