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The Mother of All Demos

A very interesting video from 1968… yes… 1968. A mouse — a projector — audio/video communication over the computer — in 1968. (for Planet Ubuntu you will need to go to: here or actually read the post)

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lisp and emacs – my open source programming adventure starts

While I was sick to my stomach for a good portion of Christmas morning (12am to 3:30am) I took the time in between trips to the great porcelain repository to read some chapters of Practical Common Lisp and started to … Continue reading

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I love Google search results… OS X trails Linux

Here are the results: I love Suse      –     412,000 I love Fedora    –   1,180,000 I love Ubuntu    –   4,040,000 I love OS X      –  28,100,000 I love Linux     –  81,600,000 I love iPod      – 153,000,000 I love Youtube   – 263,000,000 … Continue reading

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Microsoft Faces Ban on Word

For those that have been following the story for a while there is finally new information. An appeals court on Tuesday ordered Microsoft to stop selling Microsoft Word 2007 and other Office 2007 products by Jan. 11 because the software … Continue reading

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LUGOR Logo Part 5

I think I am nearing the end… this last logo I almost like enough to be satisfied. (click for larger image) This could be paired with the non-badge county shape as well (see below) (click for larger image) I think … Continue reading

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LUGOR Logo part 4

This is getting worse than the Rocky movies! Here is another attempt at a logo for my LUG. (click for a larger image) (click for a larger image) (click for a larger image) the outline is from the county and … Continue reading

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LUGOR logo part 3

I have started playing with a slightly different style for the third part. (click for larger image)

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New Logo for LUGOR – part 2

I decided to make a ‘case badge’ logo. Below is a large version of the image. (click for full size image) (click for full size image) (click for full size image) (click for full size image) (click for full size … Continue reading

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Playing with The GIMP – Blue Planet

I decided to fiddle a bit with The GIMP and take a break from making a new LUG Logo. I used to like rendering planets and such using Corel Photopaint and decided to give it a shot with The GIMP. … Continue reading

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New Logo for LUGOR

I am in the midst of trying to design a new logo for my LUG. Here are the first two attempts. I would love to get feedback about these and even links to LUG logos that people like. Back to … Continue reading

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