The Mother of All Demos

A very interesting video from 1968… yes… 1968. A mouse — a projector — audio/video communication over the computer — in 1968.

(for Planet Ubuntu you will need to go to: here or actually read the post)

lisp and emacs – my open source programming adventure starts

While I was sick to my stomach for a good portion of Christmas morning (12am to 3:30am) I took the time in between trips to the great porcelain repository to read some chapters of Practical Common Lisp and started to toy a bit with code. I have to say learning emacs and lisp at the same time is interesting’ particularly while your stomach is motivating you to launch yourself across the room at high rates of speed every 15 to 30 minutes.

(defun hello-world()
(format t “hello world”))

Yes… the traditional hello world program. Why do all how to program guides do this? Is there some reason for this?

Well off I go to learning more lisp and emacs!

I love Google search results… OS X trails Linux

Here are the results:

I love Suse      -     412,000
I love Fedora    -   1,180,000
I love Ubuntu    -   4,040,000
I love OS X      -  28,100,000
I love Linux     -  81,600,000
I love iPod      - 153,000,000
I love Youtube   - 263,000,000
I love Windows 7 - 369,000,000
I love Windows   - 407,000,000
I love Google    - 423,000,000

That is pretty impressive… Linux getting more than double the love OS X does. Then again does it really matter :-)

Microsoft Faces Ban on Word

For those that have been following the story for a while there is finally new information.

An appeals court on Tuesday ordered Microsoft to stop selling Microsoft Word 2007 and other Office 2007 products by Jan. 11 because the software infringes on a patent held by a Canadian company. The judge also hit Microsoft with a $290 million fine.

While some may cheer that this opens a small window against Microsoft Office others will jeer because it upholds software patents. For me I am not sure which ‘side’ to fall on. Given the sales figures for Microsoft Office last year I can not help but wonder how much could be saved if people were ‘forced’ through a sales ban to consider alternatives.

Microsoft Office, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, accounted for more than $3 billion in worldwide sales in Microsoft’s most recent fiscal year and is used by literally millions of businesses and consumers for everyday tasks like word processing and creating spreadsheets and presentations.

Yes, Dr. Evil that is three billion… yes, billion with a ‘B’. For those who are unfamiliar with the alternatives let me suggest; OpenOffice.

Where do you stand on this?

LUGOR Logo Part 5

I think I am nearing the end… this last logo I almost like enough to be satisfied.

(click for larger image)

This could be paired with the non-badge county shape as well (see below)

(click for larger image)

I think the pair are pretty good… it is time to sleep on this and let the LUG members vote.

LUGOR Logo part 4

This is getting worse than the Rocky movies!

Here is another attempt at a logo for my LUG.

(click for a larger image)

(click for a larger image)

(click for a larger image)

the outline is from the county and the ‘structure’ is from one of the landmark buildings.

LUGOR logo part 3

I have started playing with a slightly different style for the third part.

(click for larger image)


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