Meeting Royalty

Ah… this is not really what the title makes it seem, but here is the story…

Tonight I drove about an hour to a little town called Seneca Falls. I was meeting someone at the Hotel Clarence. The person at the hotel front desk had followed this person via twitter as they journeyed to the hotel and gave them VIP treatment as royalty.

Who is this mysterious person you ask?

It is none other than Princess Leia! You may know her as Pleia2 in IRC. Pleia is an extraordinary person who is very active in the world of FOSS and Ubuntu who just happens to own the domain You can read more about Pleia on her Ubuntu wiki page. While she is not really from Alderaan she is as close to the meeting a member of the Jedi Council as one can get due to her recent election to the Ubuntu Community Council this past October.

Pleia is in the area to give a presentation at the NY State Team’s launch party and Ubuntu awareness event. This event was organized by Jeremy Austin-Bardo and is being held at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo, NY on Sunday November 8th from 1pm to 5pm. It will feature two presentations, several demo machines and a pizza party afterwards.

In short, the front desk saw Pleia as a representative from Alderaan and I saw her as one of the key people in the Ubuntu community. Either way it was good to meet her in person and get to talk a bit about Linux, Ubuntu and stuff in general.

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3 Responses to Meeting Royalty

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  2. Oh, you are too funny!🙂 It was a real pleasure to meet you. Plus your insights based on giving talks to audiences outside the core FOSS world were really great to hear, especially how the costs of software and hardware over time (do you happen to have slides for these presentations for these examples?).

    Thanks again for taking the time to drive down to meet up!

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