SmartBean Article Well Received!

I wrote an article for an on-line magazine, SmartBean (, which was posted just five days ago. I just received an update on the article from the magazine.

“Charles, I wanted to give you an update on the article. Clearly your posting the link on your blog did wonders since it got picked up by all kinds of linux/ubuntu interest groups and that has resulted in a huge number of hits and tweets. It is now the most “popular” article on Smartbean (in terms of the # of views – 700+ already)🙂 You can see that ranking in the “popular” tab on the landing page as well as the Magazine page.”

The most popular article; wow! I am glad to know that people are reading the article and that it has been well received. Perhaps in some small way this can influence people to give Ubuntu a look. I am working on another article for them on programming and hope that it is as well received.

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