“Fembots” causes offense?

A recent post about a cartoon that I posted drew the ire of a person going by the name of Sweetshark.

“Fembots? So you are supporting the raging sexism in open source software development? Shame on you!”

The animation that I linked to is this one. I guess if a person was looking for a reason to complain they could find fault with the animation, but I really never looked at the animation that way. I saw it as funny. Certainly the goats, brains and henchmen could also find fault with the animation upon second review. I just looked at it as a pro-Linux Apple spoof ad that showed how easy running Linux has become. There is no more need to patch your Kernel or check your version dependencies – you can do that, but you do not have too.

Perhaps, because I am not a developer, I am not aware of the issue; is this issue really this much of an issue in Open Source development? If it is I certainly do not want to accidentally support ‘sexism’. If I offended anyone by linking to what I thought simply a humorous spoof ad I apologize.

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24 Responses to “Fembots” causes offense?

  1. Bob L. says:

    Some people will see sexism, racism, antisemitism or any other -ism in anything, including breakfast cereal. IMHO, these people are not very high above internet trolls.

  2. People have a way of finding the worst view of anything if they really try. People who think they fight for a cause, often really try.

  3. Nicolai Hähnle says:

    To be honest, I didn’t find that animation particularly good or clever, and it could have done without the fembots. What I wonder is whether the person who made that remark has ever seen the Austin Powers movies, because that was just a very obvious reference to that.

    All in all though, I don’t think that toon does a very good job advertising Linux. Personally, I just found the whole supervillain thing very silly – I get it, but it’s just so adolescent. I suppose there is a small demographic that goes for that kind of thing, but if you want to broaden the appeal of Linux, that’s probably not the right way of doing it, fembots or not.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I am pretty sure that animation was done quite a while back… and yes I see Austin Power / James Bond in it as well.

  4. Tom says:

    Look closely and I guess you can see the irony tags. I don’t think that was a serious comment. A lot of people are annoyed by the sexism debate and just want to make fun of it.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Regardless of how the original poster intended his comments — I did not wish to offend and my apology to anyone offended is sincere.

  5. Steve Dodier says:

    What offends people is not so much a joke or a stupid word from times to times, but that accumulation of them that ends up being called harassment. You end up being constantly under fire, because there is always someone – and it’s always someone different – that will have a bad word for you because you’re a woman.

    It’s pretty obvious to me why it becomes hurting quite fast.

  6. TheGZeus says:

    I see this more as a lampooning of the generic ‘Bond Villain’.
    They usually had ‘sexy fembots’ around, as well as other bizzare weaponry that made no sense.
    Overall it seems to be ‘these supervillains are weird…’
    Also, why would you assume that people would be looking to a fictional supervillain as a role model for actual behaviour?
    He’s got a gamer headseat _and_ a bluetooth headset, for krissakes…
    He’s what you should _not_ do.

    Is there a problem with sexist douches in the open source world? yes, just like the rest of the first world, and the world in general. The fact that we’re ‘open’ about everything gets everything out there, and I’m glad the other side is speaking up.
    I was sick of ‘bitches and hoes’ talk going unpunished.
    But there’s a certain point where people start going too far. If a _fictional bad guy_ can’t be slightly sexist, what is a real good guy expected to do?
    I’m honestly asking…

    • Charles Profitt says:

      It was a spoof of Apple ads so it was emulating ads that are full of ‘garbage’, but that is not what I was looking at. For me it was really that back in the day you had to ‘patch’ your Kernel and check your ‘version dependencies’.

  7. murrquan says:

    I personally didn’t like the “fembots” reference because I thought it was tasteless. But I also don’t like it because I can see how it’d be triggering, to someone who’d just dealt with a bunch of techno-nerds who appeared to see women that way.

    Maybe they’re just joking when they talk about the virtual harems they (or their characters, or their spoof geek villains with laser-goat-thingys) are going to ravish endlessly. But I can’t help but feel a little dirty after listening to them. I can only imagine that if I were female I’d just despair.

    It’s not the one thing that gets to you, I imagine, so much as that it’s a reminder of everyone who sees you that way. Because not all of them are joking, and a lot of the ones who are don’t know when they’ve gone too far.

  8. murrquan says:

    Er, just out of curiosity, has anyone here actually read How To Encourage Women In Linux?

  9. Get Over It says:

    Why are you apologizing? You didn’t create it… It is funny, although rather old. You will never please everyone so why bother trying. This political correctness crap is so far over the edge… What’s next, everyone up in arms that Casper “the friendly ghost” is racist because it implies that only white ghosts are good?

  10. “Some people will see sexism, racism, antisemitism or any other -ism in anything, including breakfast cereal. IMHO, these people are not very high above internet trolls.”

    QFT. I’m so tired of reading the bullshit about sexism that I’m about to unsubscribe from several Planet news feeds.

  11. Wolfger says:

    One rule has guided me through life pretty well…
    “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

  12. Lemonshark says:

    Of course you would think this. You’re a white male. You don’t understand because you lack the perspective of those oppressed or otherwise negatively affected by your kind. Matt Zimmerman had a great quote on his blog about white males and how clueless they are. He at least gets it.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Wow. My Kind?

      • metalcynic says:

        Lemonshark is a case study in everything that is so very very wrong with Political Correctness today: very often it’s not at all about people being victimized or abused or put-down; rather it’s a way for those who lack self esteem or feel powerless to lash out at others and build themselves up at the expense of people who have done nothing wrong. Thus if you say something about a “Grandmother test” then you are being a vile sexiest/ageist pig (despite the fact that 99% of us have grandmothers who are less than technically inclined) … at which point the PC Police show up in riot gear to beat you over the head about how you are a CLUELESS WHITE MALE WHO JUST DOESN’T GET IT!!! …And the irony of saying that you are just as clueless and insensitive as EVERYONE ELSE WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU somehow escapes them (unless they’re simply hypocrites who know but don’t care).

        It all reminds me of a classic Bloom County toon from back in the day:

        • Charles Profitt says:

          I agree metalcynic. The problem runs both ways, but that does not make the responses I read in the blogosphere any less sexist.

    • murrquan says:

      That does sound kind of flamebaitish, regardless of how true it is (or to what degree it is true). Think before you type, and remember that white males are human beings too.

      Besides that, the best outcome is to open others’ eyes, not close them.

    • KeithZG says:

      Okay. Wow. Trying to fight sexism with . . . sexism AND racism? You, Lemonshark, are a paradox wrapped in a troll.

  13. nnonix says:

    Now we have to apologise for not being oppressed and be called “clueless”. Here’s a clue for the Feminazis and the neutered male-apologists. Sexism is bad but a persons intent DOES matter. Stop trying to lynch the innocent because you’re pissed.

  14. darklightnig says:

    Seriously, I think this is way blown out of proportion. If someone wants to get offended at that cartoon, then they need to grow a thicker skin.

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