Introducing your Child to Linux

Today an article of mine was published on SmartBean ( It will be interesting to see how the article is received by the parents that read the site. Here is a small excerpt.

“The Linux operating system offers an excellent learning opportunity for children, whether for educational software and games, programming, or general computer skills. Charles Profitt, a K-12 systems administrator, shares with SmartBean the nuts and bolts of introducing kids to Linux. His guidelines for the why, what and how of getting going with Linux and open source computing at home are lucid and helpful.”

There is a chance that this can turn in to a regular column on open source if it well received. I think it is fantastic that more people in education are taking note of F/OSS and Linux.

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3 Responses to Introducing your Child to Linux

  1. Vadim P. says:

    Well written!

  2. R. Nascimento says:

    What about content filtering? This is the biggest problem I have with linux and my kids. “Content Filter” on Ubuntu does not seem to work at all.

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