Rythmbox: Album ID

I am still in the process of converting my CD collection to FLAC and having issues with identifying all the CDs. I have no problem adding the information myself, but I would like to know how the system works so I can contribute my work to the database Rythmbox is drawing on. I have not been able to find the answer on the Ubuntu forums nor with Google searches; I must not be asking the right questions or using the right search terms.

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9 Responses to Rythmbox: Album ID

  1. Drew says:

    Perhaps Rythmbox is using freedb, which is known for having holes. But you can contribute to the database since it is free (as in libre).

  2. artfwo says:

    Hi! I think Rhythmbox and SoundJuicer both grab the metadata from MusicBrainz:

  3. oliver says:

    Looks like rhythmbox pulls in libmusicbrainz4c2a, so maybe http://musicbrainz.org is what you are looking for?

  4. Rodrigo says:

    Have you tried:
    MusicBrainz Picard
    it will fill all your “gaps” or at least most of them, I also made an “idea” in ubuntu brainstorm, if you ant to vote for it:
    hope that helps

  5. Charles Profitt says:

    So it appears to be musicbrainz or freeDB – is there a config file to look at or do we need to go to the source code?

  6. Bastien says:

    It never used FreeDB, always Musicbrainz (which, in the old version of the server software, used to fall-back to FreeDB if the release wasn’t in MB itself).

    Sound-juicer has code to show you that the release isn’t known, and offers you to add the tracks through the MB web interface. RB doesn’t do that, but a bunch of bugs are opened to allow you to.

  7. Wirelizard says:

    Kind of surprised RB doesn’t have a “contribute this data to MusicBrainz” dialogue – SoundJuicer has had for several years now, and got me contributing to MusicBrainz by making it really easy!

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