Lenovo Quality

This January I purchased a Lenovo T500. I have used Thinkpads for years at work and have always respected the build quality and durability. With this purchase, my first personal laptop, I have been a bit dissatisfied. The first issue is there are parts of the case that do not ‘fit’ well. The left hand rest is an example of this as it flexes a bit much and makes a slight clicking noise. The second problem is that the protective tape on the VGA cable makes noise due to ‘bubbles’ in the sealed area. The area is pressed down when the lid is closed due to tension, but when open the tension is released and it separates slowly making a noise.

The sad thing is that the only other laptop that appears up to the quality level is the MacBook Pro; though the HP EliteBook series may be up there too – but I have no experience with those. Both of the other options far exceed the price of the Lenovo, but perhaps that is why the quality is slipping.

The problems are not terrible, but for $1400 I would like to get a bit better quality.

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10 Responses to Lenovo Quality

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  2. janne says:

    We use Macs a lot at home, for my wife’s work. In our experience the MacBook quality is only so-so. Frequent small issues with the fit and finish, and the occasional real blunder. A Macbook Pro we got two years ago had the touchpad surface plate partially “peeling off” already when first unpacked (it’s glued or taped in place), something even a cursory quality check should have discovered. It’s not bad mind you (apart from that touchpad), but no better than most other Chinese laptops out there either, and not as good as the Panasonic Let’s Note notebooks I favour.

  3. hads says:

    I have a T400 now and think it’s probably of about the same quality as my older T42. A couple of clicks/creaks but I don’t think it’s any worse.

  4. Sirrus says:

    I have an EliteBook 8530p, the one with Ati 3650 HD. It works like a charm with Jaunty, the only problem there may be is the proprietary Ati driver which may or may not be fixed by now. Other than that, I don’t have a single issue with the laptop, it’s sturdy and beautiful.

  5. NoOne says:

    Try an actual thinkpad.
    They’re nothing like the “Lenovo” branded laptops.

  6. Mark says:

    I have a sl400 i put $1700 into. The vista installation that it came with bluescreened on first boot.

    You stay classy lenovo.

    The sl series claims to be a thinkpad, which is why I bought it. Expecting the same build quality you mention. Also I’ve always heard linux support for lenovo is top quality. The SL series is using the ideapad bios, which only recently started getting support in ubuntu’s extra kernel modules “lenovo-sl-laptop”.

    I can’t seem to find the link, but about a month or so ago one of the higher ups went on a tirade about how linux is bad and not ready for the desktop.

    No more lenovo for me

  7. Mike Funk says:

    Check the System76 laptop line up.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Trust me my next laptop will most likely be a System76… I did not know they existed when I got my Lenovo, but I do now and I have worked with them for Fliers and demo units.

  8. get more expensive thing for better quality is an ordinary.

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