System76: 76er Program

First I have to give a big thanks to the guys at System76 for sponsoring the 76er program. It is fantastic to be able to get high quality flyers printed for nothing more than giving them a small bit of advertising space on the flyer. Today I got an email, from Carl, about the latest flyer request and was asked to add the raw files to their wiki for others to use. It was nice to be told, “They look great BTW. Would you mind adding your source files to our wiki so other LoCo’s can use your design?”The original art is located on the System76 wiki – check it out here.


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3 Responses to System76: 76er Program

  1. Corey says:

    Somewhat unrelated post:
    But do you guys advertise at all at RIT? I’m a student there and I always seem to hear about these events nearby after they take place…

  2. Jake says:

    Really nice-looking flyer.

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