7: Windows RC

I loaded up the recent release candidate of Windows 7 on my desktop two days ago. Despite being dedicated to running Ubuntu I still need to be familiar with Windows because I support it at work and on customers computers.

My desktop has the following specs:

  • E6600 processor (2.4Ghz)
  • 4GB of ram
  • 2x 320GB Seagate HDs (sata)
  • Intel DP965LT motherboard
  • Nvidia 8800GTS 320

I have to admit I was shocked Windows 7 actually had drivers for all of my hardware upon first install. That was a first for a Windows OS; usually I have to download drivers for my Nvidia graphics card. After using Vista since release I do have to admit that Windows 7 has made some changes to the UI that are pleasing to the eye, but they have done little to improve the productivity of the UI. To be honest I prefer the Gnome interface with a bit of compiz tossed in. For the dedicated Windows crowd it is a nice upgrade but depending on the price Microsoft charges it may not be worth it.

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16 Responses to 7: Windows RC

  1. Mario says:

    I think it’s less valuable to compare eye candy from win7 to compiz on ubuntu, but better to look at the smaller things that stand out that Ubuntu needs to improve upon.

    Things I notice:
    * FAST S3 resume time. By the time my lid is open, i’m at the unlock screen. There might be some cheating here to still be starting up other hardware after S3, but showing the video so quickly makes it feel snappier.
    * Dynamic plug detection. You plug in an HDMI cable, your audio is rerouted to HDMI, your video resized, and clone mode turned on
    * Functional sound server. Pulseaudio is probably the right direction, but right now it’s not comparable to how functional the sound server with win7 is.
    * A refresh button for wireless networks. It’s totally mind boggling why this isn’t in network manager yet.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      @Mario: Agreed on those points… but I got most of those things with Vista… though I am unsure of the HDMI cable since I did not use one.

  2. Dread Knight says:

    I’m a linux/ubuntu user. But compiz sucks big time. Can’t play games when it’s activated, can’t even work properly since i use blender most of the time and causes refresh issues when alt-tabbing, as well as blender doesn’t gets displayed in the alt-tab effects and stuff like that. I’m better off with it disabled. Not much coolness without it left in gnome… except the panels sliding in at login.. rolf.

    I even told one of the compiz devs in his blog to cut the crap and contribute to KWin directly or even to GNOME in worst case scenario.

  3. Asa says:

    @Dread Knight Clearly you’re not using the same Compiz I am where I play World Of Warcraft in wine with compiz. Its not chopy or slow and there are no refresh issues when alt-tabbing, it runs exactly the same (or better) than it would if my computer were running Windows. All of the problems with blender you describe are blender problems, not Compiz problems. Blender uses its own toolkit which is incompatible with everything. If they rebuild the UI to use GTK or another standard toolkit all of those problems will go away.

  4. Dread Knight says:

    @Asa in windows or mac blender works just fine. Applications shouldn’t be forced to use a popular toolkit, that’s really not a solution. They just rebuild blender for version 2.5 and they have good reasons not to use gtk/qt (own schedules, freedom and blender is lightweight, about 8-10 mb). Besides, because all of the ‘freetardness’ out there, anything that gets made with GTK+, gets another ‘alternative’ made with QT. It’s a fact. While blender is cool on both of the GNOME and KDE sides.

    Latest wine rather sucks for Warcraft 3 (dota ftw, I’m not really playing too many games)…. eh, not cool.

    I’m using ubuntu 8.10 (64 bits). Intel GMA user most of the time… and 9.04 is just epic phail with that.

    Really looking forward to Karmic Koala.
    (I think gnome 3 is too stiff so far, inferior to KDE4 series in design, really hope more people will adopt KDE 4.3 when released)

    • Asa says:

      @Dread Knight I didn’t mean to say that Blender has to use GTK, I’m saying that there are features of GTK that allow it to integrate with the environment and many other toolkits do too, its just the first one I thought of. For blender to work properly it needs to switch to a feature-complete toolkit or add those features to its toolkit. My point is that none of this is a compiz problem, its a blender problem.

  5. meh says:

    You can determine wether it will will be worth it by seeing how well it will sell. That’s the final measurement. It will be the most sold application throughout history. (Previous record holder is Windows XP by the way).

    • Charles Profitt says:

      As I was discussing the value of ‘upgrading’ you would have to look at figures other than raw sales numbers.

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  7. I’d second a lot of Charles’ comments. Windows 7 (which I used full-time for a couple of months in its last beta phase, and part time now) really is a good upgrade. While I’d always been cautious about telling XP users to update to Vista, I wouldn’t have any issues with recommending Win7 – and the additional security features over XP mean I think if you’re wedding to Windows for some reason, it is probably a “must have” update.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Yes, for Windows XP users I think it will be a must-have update. If you are already using Vista and having success I think it will depend on cost. The issue for most XP users will be the hardware requirements.

  8. yoshi314 says:

    “I have to admit I was shocked Windows 7 actually had drivers for all of my hardware upon first install.”

    as much as i dislike windows i have to object to this one.

    you see, last _decent_ windows release was around 2001 (xp). it’s pretty much impossible for it to come with drivers for anything that hit the market later.

  9. DotA is the best game eva !!!!!!!

  10. james burns says:

    Buy a new copy of windows 7 on 22 October , Microsoft is releasing windows 7 on 22 october.


    • Charles Profitt says:

      I already have the release code — volume customers are already able to purchase Windows 7. I, in fact, already have one unit in production.

  11. hanum says:

    Windows 7 still has many bugs…

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