Jaunty and my T500: Shutdown Hang

I am progressing with reporting the ‘bugs’ that are a plague to my Lenovo T500… and the one that annoys me the most is the shutdown hang. The single biggest problem for me is trying to figure out where to start. I have taken pictures of where the computer hangs… and what happens if I press cntl+alt+del

I have also added this information to a bug on Launchpad. Any suggestions are most welcome!

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12 Responses to Jaunty and my T500: Shutdown Hang

  1. moiecoute says:


    I’ve got an SL500 and these don’t plan nice either. The most common thing I get is is a madening system beep every so often on boot up which you stop by shutting down the machine. Not fun when your trying to get your kid to sleep or turning your computer on the train.

  2. Bugsbane says:

    If you go to /var/log you’ll see all the logs your computer has. Many logs ending with a number, a number and .gz or .old are from previous sessions. Adding the previous log for something like the kernel (kern.log.0) would likely help.

  3. Alex says:

    At least you get something. Mine just shows a blinking cursor. Messages show up if I use magic SysRq keys, so I can at least sync and unmount before forcibly powering it off, but it’s still annoying. With the Intel video driver bugs on top of that, I may go back to Intrepid on that machine.

  4. Martey says:

    Which bug is this? I have a ThinkPad T500 and would like to see if I could reproduce the bug, if possible, but it is not happening to me naturally and I do not have enough information to induce it.

  5. Pieter says:

    I have the same problem with my latitude d830 and Jaunty 64bit. Although it doesn’t happen always. It seems only to happen when I got an USB drive attached, but I have to verify that.

  6. pugacioff says:

    maybe this?

  7. Homeslice says:

    Shot in the dark says that it’s your e1000e intel network card driver. good luck

  8. mdz says:

    You forgot to link to the Launchpad bug you mentioned in your post

  9. Paul Collins says:

    If the full message is not making it to /var/log/kern.log (it’s certainly not all on your screen), try booting with vga=ask and selecting a mode with more lines, and then triggering the problem again.

  10. totovld says:

    I got a T500 running with 9.04, it was an upgrade from intrepid, and actually it seems to be stable enough for my job, i keep a 2.6.27-7 kernel-image ’cause i needed some usb support for my cam; with fglrx (this one seems to be have few difficulties with resizing windows in 2d enhanced windows manager, as i use e17 i deactivate Bling theme, but nothing with opengl stuff, i mean compiz fusion and almost all beryl and derivate will rocks …).
    My advice about the problem when you have to restart, it’s to proper shutdown your gdm (entrance in my case) as i remark that if i restart entrance and shut it, then i can make a proper restart of the computer, also a shut.
    I’m not so familiar with last intel IRQ way to be managed, but i guess that the irqpoll options still can give some help on the acpi management during a shuting process, as it was this option that gave me the possibility to use the wifi on this notebook under intrepid .

  11. Brian says:

    What is the link to the bug on launchpad? I have the exact same problem.

  12. Brian says:

    This worked for me.

    You can use this workaround to live in peace until the bug get fixed. Copy all this script text into a file named K00killwlan and save it in /etc/rd0.c and /etc/rd6.c with execution permissions (so it gets executed at restart and shutdown request, therefore stopping your wlan card before it stall poweroff) :


    # This file has to go to /etc/rc0.d/ and /etc/rc6.d/
    #This script kill wlan so it does not prevent computer to shutdown (until the driver is fixed in linux source itself).

    case “$1” in
    ifconfig wlan0 down
    exit 0

    exit 0

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