T42 and Jaunty = not happy

After loading Jaunty on my new T500 that has both Intel and ATI graphics I found the Intel graphics wanting and was troubled by the fact that there is not an ATI driver ready at the moment. So I wanted to see what the results would be under the FOSS ATI driver. I decided to load Jaunty on my older T42p.

  • 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M10 NT [FireGL Mobility T2] (rev 80)
  • model name    : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.80GHz

Not the newest of technologies, but it was interesting none the less. The FOSS driver for ATI suffers from the same ‘lag’ while backspacing in the WordPress rich text editor. It gets very high glxgear results – at least in comparison to the Intel 4500 on the T500, but the background change animation takes almost six seconds to complete and just ‘snaps’ in to place. On the Intel it is slow, but it fades out of the old and in to the new. The same transistion on my Nvidia based desktop is beautiful.

In short as I play more with Jaunty I am very happy with the over all look and feel, but some of the components are broken for specific hardware… and as my luck would have it… I own that hardware.

I also need to point out that this is not an issue with Ubuntu, but issues with the upstream projects.

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6 Responses to T42 and Jaunty = not happy

  1. Roman Kennke says:

    I upgraded to Jaunty on my T500 and have no hardware related problems, running with the ATI graphics and the proprietary driver.

  2. nnonix says:

    I have a T42 as well and feel your pain. I don’t have the video issues (I don’t use WordPress and have a different video controller) but apparently my hardware mixer is suddenly evil and as such is being ignored. I’ve heard other thinkpad specific buttons are also no longer working. We are now red-headed step-children it seems.

  3. To fix the Intel problem try switching to UXA as highlighted in the release notes. Using this fix and the new X Updates PPA I’m having very good results.

  4. Jacob says:

    Have a look at Thinkwiki – they might have something on ATI’s slushy drivers. Intel seems determined on loosing their reputation too. Are they cutting off support for old drivers to force users into upgrading their hardware?

    It doesn’t help – the hazzle have convinced me to stick with my T61. No T400 as that leaves me with GPU’s that are abandoned. Seems like Thinkpad looks less of an investment these days.

    Not my cup of tea, but Sabayon might be an ATI alternative. Same goes for Mandriva ONE (which worked very well on a A21E – the Mandriva 2009 One that is).

  5. pedahzur says:

    Yes, those are upstream issues, but most users don’t see it that way. They are issues with Ubuntu, and we need to work on fixing them. Similarly, when a driver makes Windows BSOD, people blame Windows. MS has realized that and it has feedback reporting, and, if it can, it tells you, “This was a problem with driver X.” A user won’t say “It’s an upstram issue,” they’ll say Ubuntu doesn’t work with my video card.”

  6. user says:

    the same with my x31 and t41 ibm laptops. and there are a few other reports on this subject, since the beginning of alpha releases of jaunty.
    therefore in my opinion it’s also a problem of ubuntu. with the older version of X.org everything was fine. the jump to X 1.6 was a little bit too early and therefore the whole current release suffers. also there is no official backport of x 1.5 for this release.
    the conclusion for me is not to run jaunty on any of my machines and therefore i can also not recommend to use jaunty to anyone else.

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