Lenovo T500 and Jaunty = not happy

I decided to push through with an upgrade on my Lenovo  T500. Overall the graphics are nice and the feel of the OS is good. I have issues with the laptop shutting down and restarting properly. I had issues with shutdown under 8.10, but not restart. There appears to be an  issue with the Intel graphics; especially when I am entering text in java based editors like the one used on WordPress. Deleting text by holding down the delete key gets buffered and is slow. This is not an issue on my Nvidia based desktop. I have also noticed that email getting deleted in Evolution appears laggy as well.

My laptop has ATI graphics as well, but there is no ATI graphics option yet for Jaunty. Ack!

Why is it that  when I support open source friendly hardware vendors I get burned?

I will work on trying to file some  bugs or add to existing bug reports concerning my issues, but I may be headed back to 8.10 in a few days. .: sigh :.

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13 Responses to Lenovo T500 and Jaunty = not happy

  1. Usually a clean install is always better. Fgrlx should work for you, and so should Intel, it works on my Eee anyway. If you’re going to head back to 8.10, why not try a clean install first?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      André I actually did a clean install, but it is an excellent point that if others had issues with their ‘upgrade-in-place’ they should consider a clean install. (just make sure you backup your data).

  2. DBO says:

    this is an issue with the regressed intel drivers, I was lucky enough to have simply stuck with 8.10. Waiting for 9.10.

  3. I read about the regressed drivers in the Eeebuntu forum actually. That’s why Eeebuntu 3.0 hasn’t been released yet. Tho I guess with your GPU you should be fine in terms of Fglrx. I’ve been completely abandoned by ATI and now I’m using the Open-Source Radeon drivers.

  4. Dread Knight says:

    Nominating jaunty to the worst release ever. Damn regressions and issues… meh…

    It even made some users to ditch linux for vista etc…. not cool.
    I have intel gma card… and still having a bit of patience waiting for a few more days… but i sure won’t wait until karmic koala gets released.

  5. all network says:

    thank for information is very use full

  6. Vermind says:

    Jaunty is a bit problematic for me as well, but I only have minor issues. I didn’t even try the Intel driver that comes with Jaunty; I went straight to the xorg-edgers experimental driver, which works well for me. See: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa
    You may need a more recent kernel for all the features; I have and it is great. This is on an eee pc 901.

  7. Johan says:

    We might be having the same issues on the Ubuntu forums as well link:

  8. ubik says:

    Im planning to buy Lenovo t500. Can someone tell me something about noise generated by this notebook ? I read some reviews and it seems to be very quiet. I need some confirmation because silence is a priority for me. TIA

  9. techai says:

    My t500 is terrible; and so is my co-workers. Stay very far away from it. I wish I had insisted on another brand.

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