Jaunty Launch Party: Waterloo

First let me warn the ABBA fans that they have not put out a new album called Jaunty. Jaunty Jackalope is the latest release of ubuntu (more on what ubuntu means later). Ubuntu is a simple, powerful, elegant, and secure alternate to Windows or OS X and like ABBA is not the product of the Unites States. I would suggest to all ABBA fans that fate brought you to to this blog for a purpose; please check out ubuntu.

The event was planned by Jeremy (ausimage) and Landen (slick666) as both a release party and a public information session. There were roughly 30 people in attendance with about 65% of the audience already using Linux. The event was the first multi-region, multi-LUG event planned and executed by the New York State ubuntu local team. In attendance were people from Albany (180+ miles away), Binghamton, Syracuse, Utica, Rocheser and Ithaca.

I gave a presentation focuse on potential new users titled: “The Ubuntu Experience”. The presentation covered the meaning of ubuntu and why that focus makes the ubuntu community a good choice for end users. Also covered were the four freedoms and how an end users daily computing needs can be met with the thousands of titles in the ubuntu repositories. The session concluded with a rather lengthy question and answer session while Big Buck Bunny was playing.

The New York State ubuntu local community truly practiced ubuntu; we gave the travelers food, drink and entertained them.

Thank you to Jeremy and Landen for putting together such a solid event in just under a month!

The New York State ubuntu local community is now looking toward planning similar launch events and how to best advocate for Linux use amongst non-Linux users.


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