BarCamp4: Lockpick Village

Lockpick Village was an interesting event held at BarCamp4. They had several locks and a multitude of tools to pick them with. This was a hands on experience that culminated with a ‘test’ at the end. If you chose to take the challenge you were tasked with escaping from a blowup doll. You had to pick a lock, knock the blowup doll out and then pick three more locks in five minutes. Impossible for new people; right? Wrong! I had never tried to pick a lock before in my life, but managed to pick all four locks (and kick the doll for holding me captive) in 80 seconds. Yes, that was 80 seconds. I certainly do not feel all that good about the locks on my doors anymore.

At the time I left BarCamp my time was the best time of the day… it even beat the person who was doing the demonstration by two seconds. Perhaps it was the power of my Ubuntu shirt and hat that powered me to such a time.

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2 Responses to BarCamp4: Lockpick Village

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Were you raking? It’s supposed to be faster than normal picking, but I’ve never gotten it to work. I certainly can’t pick a lock in under 2 minutes though (and even then, for 2 minutes, it’s got to be a 4-pin lock), so WOW great job!

  2. Charles Profitt says:

    The first lock I used a rake on… the rest I used a half-diamond on.

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