A Meeting With Canonical People

[hunor] First let me say – yes, they are real!! [/humor]

Today a meeting was held with Pleia2 (#ubuntu-classrom), dinda and billycina (Canonical), Vantrax and me. The meeting was to discuss an Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Education Focus Group (sorry that as long – UBFT EDU from now on) project that is in the incubator. The UBFT EDU has a vision of using Moodle (a Classroom Management System or On-line Learning Application) to weave together the multitude of resources available to Ubuntu users. The idea is to augment the existing efforts and materials by designing courses that would include exercises and activities that aid the learning process and help people assess their progress. Courses would be both instructor lead and self-paced courses.

The areas that were discussed include:

  • Concerns over duplication of efforts across various community education / training streams
  • Contributors (quantity and quality control)
  • Prorities
  • Licensing and trademarks

One of the subjects discussed was the name of the project and I suggested – “Ubuntu Community Learning Project” with a tag-line of “Community Education Resources and Courses”.

I need to be clear that this project, despite being several months old, is still in the incubator and is extremely ambitous. I firmly believe that if it is successful it will help Ubuntu grow by making it easier for schools, individuals and companies to start using Ubuntu. The Ubuntu community is a strong, vibrant, talented and helpful group of people capable of great things; it is capable of making this project a reality.

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3 Responses to A Meeting With Canonical People

  1. Diggs808 says:

    I am a trainer and training content developer and would be very interested in helping with this effort. How can I get involved?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Diggs: I will send you an email about how to participate. I appreciate your interest and desire to help with the project.

  2. I’m very excited about this project🙂 As I’ll mention in follow-ups on list Classroom will be evolving along with UBFT EDU to really make sure the duplication of effort concern is addressed, as the projects were quite similar in goals. It’s awesome to be working with some new folks who are so pumped about moving forward with this!

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