Your e-mail have emerged as a winner of €870,812.79

A new social engineering attack made its way to my e-mail in box this morning. text below:

Conact our claim agent to file for your claim.MR.Martin Agustin,TEL:+34-634 141 812,EMAIL TO:
Your e-mail have emerged as a winner of €870,812.79 in 3rd class of the draws in our on-going Online Write a cheque Promotion in Spain.Your Winning details are as follows: COMPUTER GENERATED PROFILE NUMBERS (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12,ORDER NUMBER:KSLU59215. REF. NO. 341057
Confirmation Reference Number: 78-45-2-12-47-66-4
Upon the receipt of this notification complete the details below to your agent,
Loteria Naccional Program.

I find it amazing that anyone would ever fall for such obvious scams, but since they keep coming I am positive they do…  but for me I just enjoy breaking down the email. The return path came from Return-Path: <> yet they wanted me to return email to an address. The other interesting piece is that it came from Received: from ( by ( id 49BA721F01F1218F; Sat, 11 Apr 2009 13:33:01 +0200.

Well I am off to buy my new Ferrari and I am going to show the dealer the email and just sign it over to him! <smile>

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6 Responses to Your e-mail have emerged as a winner of €870,812.79

  1. Dylan McCall says:

    You would think, after investing so many resources towards sending this type of spam, they would at least Use A Spell Checker🙂

  2. Prabhat says:

    lol at that.. but nothing new, i receive about 10 of them everyday in my yahoo inbox! xD

  3. Tim says:

    It’s too bad you only won third class.

  4. Joseph James Frantz says:

    Whenever I get these kinds of emails, I reply to them. If it is an English Lotto I’ve one, I tell them I am Irish and I damned well will not accept any English Pounds. Within a few hours I’ve suddenly won an Irish Lotto.

    I’ll also tell them that I have hundreds of thousands of dollars I am seeking to hide from my wife pending a divorce, and they seem like trustworthy people, could they help me hide it.

    Another thing I like to do is email responding that I am happy I finally won the lotto, and could they help me find a Redhead, Blond and a Brunette to be wives in my new harem, since the money will help me start the cult I’ve long desired to start.

    Of course I’ve also responded with many ludicrous claims and the amusing thing is they always respond back. It’s fun to go back and forth making ever more serious requests until they realize they are not going to get a bank account number.

  5. kimble85 says:

    It’s beyond me why some people fall for this..

  6. StooJ says:

    Winning third class; perhaps the email was inspired by Monopoly Chance cards?

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