Ubuntu Conference Packs and the US Government

I will be going to a conference in June and representing the New York State Ubuntu Local Community. Canonical provides sponsorship via a small conference pack shipped from the UK. Amazingly enough I was contacted by Federal Express about the contents of my package. Apparently the ink in the pens fall under the Toxic Substance Control Act and I need to certify that the chemicals in the ink comply with all the rules. Rules that I have no clue about. I called the assistance line number on the form and was told I needed to submit the material safety data sheet for the ink. Here is the text:

Per our conversation, attached is the document (TSCA) that must be completed for the pens for U.S. Customs clearance.
Please either check positive or negative certification (not both) and fill out the company name, address, authorized name and sign with your title.

I wrote to the folks who handle the shipments of the conference pack and asked for their help, but for now my conference pack is held up in customs because of some ink pens.

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5 Responses to Ubuntu Conference Packs and the US Government

  1. Bugsbane says:

    Can’t you just tell them to throw the pens out and send the rest? My business dealt with importing and that’s usually what we did in cases like this. We weren’t in the US, but the laws *should* be similar…

  2. Charles Profitt says:

    Not sure… they would have to open the box up to do that…

  3. My got held in customs too, but all they wanted to know was if all the stuff was for resale. I’ll be requesting another conference pack soon as I’m doing tons of speaking this year. I’d like to know what kind of out come you get, so I don;t run in to any delays.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      They wanted to know if it was for resale and they wanted the MSDS. It got released, but I have to wait until Monday for the package now… as it was not a Saturday delivery.

  4. michael says:

    hi there I love Ubuntu and i need to install it here i hear it worked forr everyone !!

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