A Thank You!

I just received a message from Eric of the Ithaca Free Software Association for the NY State LoCo participation at Ed Tech Day 2009.


It was great to meet you and the rest of the Rochester crew.  Your
energy was just the shot in the arm we needed.  I’m looking forward to
next year, and any other opportunities to promote Free Software.

I throughly enjoyed your wiki write-up and pictures.  Thanks for doing
that as well.


It is great to know we had an impact on the FOSS scene in New York State and developed another strategic partnership with a group dedicated to FOSS. Special thanks also has to be given to Brian (hal14450) who put his time in and Karlie from On-Disk.com who provided the equipment to make 320 printed disks for the show. Thanks guys!!!

More details on the event are here

Viva Ubuntu!!

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