Bluetooth Mouse

I need to find a Bluetooth mouse that works with Ubuntu 8.10. I do not want to deal with the potential of losing or forgetting a usb receiver.

The options I am looking at are:

Why are there not more full size options? The search continues. Suggestions are most welcome!

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16 Responses to Bluetooth Mouse

  1. Pogo says:

    I have a working Genius BT Wireless Navigator 900.

  2. Scaine says:

    The Logitech V470 isn’t quite full size, but is very comfortable to use, has amazing battery life, an on/off switch (optional, since it powers down intelligently when possible).

    It’s maybe 3/4 size – very nice all round. And works perfectly with both Bluez-gnome and Blueman in Intrepid.

  3. Mats Taraldsvik says:

    I will second Scaines opinion! I also have this mouse, and I am very satisfied with it. I had a normal size mouse before, but quickly got used to the v470’s size. A nice detail is that when the yellow light, which means ‘change battery’, starts to appear, you still have several hours before the batteries are completely empty.

    Go for it🙂

  4. arjanw says:

    Another vote for the Logitech V470.

  5. Math says:

    I have the MS Bluetooth mouse 5000. Works great, even the 4th button (previous in firefox/nautilus).

  6. Rui Seabra says:

    Yeah, I’ve got nothing but wonders to say about that Logitech V470.

    Small but confy, lasting battery life, etc…

  7. spennig says:

    Yet another vote for the Logitech v470. On the odd occasion I can prise it from my wife’s eeepc, it is the perfect BT mouse.

  8. Zygmunt Krynicki says:

    Perhaps you will like apple’s mighty mouse – it’s full size, has nice buttons and excellent whell/ball for scrolling

  9. Alecs Jonson says:

    I use MS Bluetooth 5000 with my eee and i’m very satisfied. But, you should not forget one thing. Switch it off when you are done with your work. I feel it eats through battery when it is not in use.


  10. Mats Taraldsvik says:

    Yup, like Math’s MS Bluetooth 5000, the horisontal buttons (tilt mouse wheel left and right) on my v470 were automatically configured (works as back and forward in my browser). Actually, I thought I had to mess with xorg.conf to get them to work.. nice surprise!🙂

    Oh, and by the way: I don’t work in Logitech’s marketing dept. .. :p

  11. Jason says:

    Yet another vote/recommend for the Logitech v470, without a doubt! Had it 9 mths now, and any other mouse just feels strange and sluggish. And it has one hell of a long battery life! I use rechargeables too, but also love that I can just insert some AAA batteries available from anywhere if I get caught when mobile with it going flat.

  12. I use a Logitech MX 900. It’s my favorite mouse ever — full sized and perfect Bluetooth functionality. Unfortunately it’s out of production and hard to find on eBay.

    I’ve also used the MS Laser Mouse 8000 and can safely say WORST MOUSE EVER. Whatever you do, don’t get that one. If you have a larger budget, I think the wireless Bluetooth desktop by Logitech has a full-sized Bluetooth mouse.

  13. Peter VK says:

    I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth mouse and it works great. Only complaint is that the bright white finish clashes with my black MSI wind and it’s more sensitive then other mice so it takes a minute to get used too.

    At $51 it might not be that great of a deal, but I got mine for $30 which was a great price.

  14. mkv says:

    I’ve got a Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 and it seems that due to its aggressive power saving it will go to some sleep mode after 500ms or something. This wouldn’t be a problem, but since waking up takes time you lose 1-4px of your movement, making very tiny movements impossible.

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