OS X 10.5 – A Friend Needed Help

I was asked by a friend to assist him with an issue… they were migrating between directories and needed to get rid of cached credentials. This is what I came up with… it worked… but I am no Apple guru fair warning – it might not be the best solution. I did a little Google searching based on my knowledge of passwords being stored in a shadow file on Linux.

The first step is to determine what the GUID of the user is:
dscl . read /Users/ | grep GeneratedUID
dscl . read /Users/cprofitt | grep GeneratedUID
GeneratedUID: E31B7D72-904B-4152-A953-0B2106935798
Take root rights
sudo su
change to the hash directory
cd /var/db/shadow/hash
list the hashes
sh-3.2# cd /var/db/shadow/hash
sh-3.2# ls
remove the hashes
rm <hash key>*
rm E31B7D72-904B-4152-A953-0B2106935798*

It would appear that my knowledge of Linux paid some dividends.

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