Dual-boot or Pure?

I have my laptop done and I am about to redo my ‘old’ desktop. I will need Windows for my tax software and a troubleshooting for other people. The question is dual-boot or Virtual Box for my Windows needs. If I was a game player the answer would be crystal clear – dual-boot with Windows Vista or XP. Since I have given up PC game playing the choice is not so clear.

I have the hd space with 500gb of space

I have the power with an E6600 process, 4gb of ram and a Nvidia 8800GTS 320.

I have the license (three Vista licenses actually)

(I feel like the people who built Steve Austin)

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a dual-boot solution so for now I guess I will keep the dual-boot. I guess I will put in on there, and if I do not use it I will redo the installation.

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One Response to Dual-boot or Pure?

  1. A.Y. Siu says:

    I vote for VirtualBox, since you’ll be able to switch back and forth between OSes instantaneously, instead of having to wait for the reboot.

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