Replacing Ubuntu One

As many of you know Canonical has decided to discontinue the Ubuntu One files. In my testing I have not yet decided what service to replace Ubuntu One with, but I have currently migrated all my files to OneDrive from Microsoft by making use of Storage Made Easy. Storage Made Easy has clients for Windows, Linux, OS X and mobile clients, but you can migrate files between services using their web interface as well. With a free account you can add up to three providers. Due to bandwidth limits I doubt I will use the service as my replacement, but it did allow me to transfer the files to OneDrive as a temporary home while I figure out what I will use in the future.

In the process of migrating files to Microsoft’s service I noticed what I assume is an oversight by Canonical. The Ubuntu One site does not have any notification that it is shutting down. Below are some screen shots.

Screenshot from 2014-04-16 19:20:00

worse is I can still click on sign-up without being told the file services are being discontinued.

Screenshot from 2014-04-16 19:41:34I sent an email to a Canonical employee and I hope this oversight will be correctly swiftly.

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6 Responses to Replacing Ubuntu One

  1. belkinsa says:

    Strange, but I think that they will be using the term “Ubuntu One” to refer to the Single Sign On rather than the cloud. But you are right, it doesn’t seem to be that way.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I think Ubuntu One will continue as an SSO and payment system. The first screen shot however still shows file sync, 5GB of free storage, music streaming, photos and files on the go.

  2. bumpy says:

    I want the files encrypted with pki keys (my keys) before transfer (the LastPass way), and it looks spiderOak and zipCloud fit the bill so far. High quality algorithms sans back orifices courtesy of NSA.

    I’ve also considered TrueCrypt. But how would I replace local damaged files with older versions; will it work? Pretty seamlessly?

  3. There is a conversation about this going on over at input, suggestions, and personal experiences are a huge help to everyone.

  4. Miklos Szabo says:

    Hi, this is the best alternative I’ve found. You’ll get 20GB free cloud storage via my referral link Enjoy it!
    It also sync multiple folders/directories using shortcuts. :) and you get +5GB of cloud storage space (no upper limit) for every member you’ll refer in the future.

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